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The Paithani sari hails from the town of Paithan near Aurangabad.
The modern iterations of the sari from Paithan and Yeola are crafted from homegrown silk threads from Bangalore, while the zari is sourced from Surat. To create a genuine Paithani sari, around 500 grams of silk threads and another 250 grams of zari threads are utilised for a regular six-yard piece.
The traditional motifs include parrots, peacocks and lotuses. The pallu usually consists of Muniya, a kind of parrot that is woven in the borders in green, with a whimsical touch of red at the mouth. Some of the other designs found on the pallus include the Panja, a geometrical flower-like motif most often outlined in red, the Barwa, that consists of twelve strands of a ladder and three strands on each side, and the traditional Mor (peacock).

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