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Tussar has many variations.
“Pure Tussar silk” is known for its distinctive texture, which is often described as being 'rough' or 'crinkly. ' This is due to the fact that the fibers of tussar silk are shorter than those of other silks, such as mulberry silk. As a result, tussar silk fabrics are less smooth and have a more uneven surface.

"Gicha" is one of these which is a derivative of tussar. Gicha is the silk yarn obtained from cocoon which doesn’t go through the full process.  These are mostly produced in bhagalpur in Bihar district. These tussars are block printed in different designs including ikkat.

The "Vidharbha" Region of Maharashtra is the place of Origin of Karvat Kati ( Saw-edged) sari, so named after the border design which resembles saw-teeth.

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